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A Full 3d Printed Toyota 22re Engine & 5 Speed 4×4 Offroad Transmission

Completely reverse engineered Toyota 22RE 4 cylinder engine. Can completely print a fully rotating model. Working crank, pistons, and valve train. The valves open and close!!!. It may not be the most exciting engine but its the only one I had in my garage.

source/image(PrtSc): Ale Fusi

Great if you want to learn about engines and how the moving parts in them work.All parts are printed except for a few bearings and fasteners.More than 3 days of total print time.The block alone was 34 hours.

This is the 5 speed transmission that comes bolted to the back of a 22RE. This is the 4WD version of the transmission so it has a mounting surface to bolt a transfer case to. The transfer case will be the next thing I will upload.


Fully working. All 5 speeds plus reverse. It uses a good amount of 3mm rod and 623zz bearings. M2.5 x 5mm set screws and nuts were used due to the small size of some of the parts.The transmission works exactly like most manual transmissions found in any car or truck.