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A Fully Road Worthy Mini 2/3 Scale 1960 Freightliner

The mini (half scale) hand built Freightliner being unloaded at the ATHS National Convention 2016. It runs and drives and has a 6BT Cummins engine. It is just like a full size truck in most ways, just downscaled.

Ken Self, (Retired Freightliner Chief Executive) Hand built 2/3 Scale, 1960 White Freightliner Cabover, the trucks measurements are 2/3 scale compared to a “full size” cab, Cummins diesel for power.

image credit: hanks truck pictures

It belongs to the Pacific Northwest Truck Museum in Brooks Oregon. filmed at a truck show in Walla Walla Wash. Short ride in the truck before it got loaded up.

image credit: hanks truck pictures

The cab-over-engine design allowed truckers to pull longer loads and still meet length laws, but getting to the engine for service was difficult.


In 1960, Freightliner introduced with a cab that tilted 90 degrees in only 38 seconds. Ken Self played a major role in that design and went on to become president, and then chairman, of Freightliner.

After his retirement in the mid 1960s, Self built this 2/3 scale model of the Freightliner Model 8164T 81-inch cab, 3-axle, 2-axle drive. Some parts were fabricated at local machine shops but, for the most part, the scale model was built in Self’s Lake Oswego, Oregon 2-car garage.