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A Genius Mechanic Build His Own Road Legal Formula 1 Car

A GENIUS mechanic has spent two years building his very own Formula 1 car from scratch. After attending a car event in Belgrade, supercar fanatic Mišo Kuzmanović decided to make his childhood dreams come true by constructing his own race-car.

image/text credit: Barcroft Cars

Mišo worked long days and nights to complete his passion project, putting in more than 1,000 hours of labour – and spending an estimated £20,000 in the process.And now, Mišo’s efforts have been rewarded as he can drive the vehicle around his hometown, Prnjavor, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, after making it fully road-legal.

Although his creation can reach a top speed of 250 km/h, Mišo Kuzmanović usually respect speed limits and has only taken it up to 175 km/h when driving on the highway.The unique vehicle is 6 meters long, weighs 1,28 tonnes and was designed to accommodate two passengers.


It meets all safety standards, and has various features like airbags, hydraulics for height adjustments and a powerful sound system. You might notice the tires aren’t those used on real F1 cars, and that’s because they’re really original aircraft tires.