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A Giant Glowing Spiral Shocks Residents In Russia

On September 26, a strange object formed a luminescent spiral in the sky over the Astrakhan region and in the south of Russia. It was caught on film and photos were taken everywhere.

image credit: vk

There are many pictures of this unidentified object – which many described as a bright flash, followed by a trail of smoke and a clear disturbance in the sky.Witnesses say that they saw what appeared to be a small, brightly lit structure, like a small vessel, leading the trail.

image credit: vk

Almost like a crashing ship that had caught on fire.It looks exactly like the spiral seen above Norway in 2009. Then, Russia claimed it was a missile test, and this time they are saying the same thing.

image credit: vk

This is probably the most overused explanation for UFOs, and many did not believe it. However, even if it was a test, that is still a cause for great concern.


Why would the Russians be testing a new ballistic missile? What are they planning on using it for? Do they anticipate a war soon?

If this was a weapon test, then it would seem the Russians have developed some sort of new, presumably very powerful, weapon. Could this be a shot in a new Cold War as relations between Moscow and Washington worsen?