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A Giraffe Had Metal Ring Wrapped Around Its Ankle: Here Is The Rescue Operation

A giraffe accidentally stepped on a metal ring that clung to its foot, and was slowly cutting into its flesh. Our team and the Kenya Wildlife Service went to the giraffe’s rescue to remove the ring and save its life in the long run. Here is the rescue operation.The powerful mammal was spotted limping in the conservancy.When mobile vets inspected they found the source of the problem was a metal ring cut into its ankle.

image/text credit: Lewa Wildlife Conservancy 

In this case, the veterinarians at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy were summoned to intervene and help a giraffe that had a large metal ring accidentally trapped around its hoof and ankle.

Despite its size and strength, the giraffe was in serious pain and vets had to move fast in order to save it.Subduing the beast vets were able to rope its powerful legs to avoid being kicked.Once it was safe, one of the rescuers moved in with an angle grinder to cut off the sharp metal affecting the giraffe.


Cutting off the crippling metal ring and completing the operation with the large animal resisting by kicking and trying to escape, was not easy at all for the veterinarians or their helpers, and certainly not risk-free!