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A Huge 40-Foot Whale Teleports To Oklahoma.Who DID IT?

Workers who were cleaning the banks of a river in Oklahoma found something unimaginable. A huge 40-foot whale was found on the banks of the river this leaves anyone intrigued, for most Oklahoma is 400 miles from the ocean.


Scott C. Waring comes with a simple explanation, it was an ufo who abducted the whale to do some tests and studies on the species and then returned the whale not to the ocean but on the bank of a river in Oklahoma.


A few days before this incident, ufos were spotted in Oklahoma and reported to Mufon. Experiments were done on the surrounding terrain and no truck tire marks or other marks were found to give a clue as to how the whale had been carried there.


Two scientists from the University of Oklahoma are on site investigating this strange case. Do you know anything about this incident?

Do you live in Oklahoma? Can you check if the whale is still there? Please share your thoughts on this extraordinary case.