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A Jet Pack Is Taken For a Flight, & Physicist Michio Kaku Talks About The Limitations Of Jet Packs

Dr. Michio Kaku is a theoretical physicist. Dr. Kaku is the co-founder of the string field theory and a professor at the City University of New York. In his latest work, Dr. Kaku talked to more than 300 scientists developing futuristic concepts in areas like space exploration, medicine, and computers.

source/image: National Geographic 

The average person sometimes asks, “Where are my jet pack, my flying car, my robot maid, and my ticket to the moon that you scientists predicted?” Actually, these predictions were made by cartoonists, not by physicists.Today, we already have jet packs, flying cars, and trips to the moon, but they are very expensive.

That is the reason consumers do not have these things. However, in the future prices will come down. Also, we could be entering the Age of Magnetism with the coming of cheap super magnets.


This means that one day our cars and trains may float on a cushion of magnetism. This could also solve the energy crisis, since most of the energy in gasoline goes into overcoming the friction of the road. In the future, our cars may simply float effortlessly, using only a tiny amount of energy.