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A Manned Mars Mission Took Place In 1973 And Nobody Was Told About It! Leaked NASA Footage!

This is a 16mm footage collection of ISV Columbus.This is not for public distribution and it’s used by NASA and Air Force during classified meetings about Red Sun Project missions.The entire footage lasts about 40 minutes.This one was the 2nd manned mission to Mars and took place on August 28 1973.

image/text credit: John Moonwalker

Codenamed Project Redsun, its aim was to successfully colonize the Red Planet. The first mission saw three astronauts taking the journey aboard a modified Saturn V left over from the discontinued Apollo Program.

image/text credit: John Moonwalker

Since Project Redsun was a joint operation between the U.S. and the USSR, a soviet cosmonaut accompanied the two famous American astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong. The rocket was launched from a ‘secret and absolutely isolated zone in Brazil.’ The absolute secrecy such a mission would require meant the entire affair was kept under a tight lid.


The launch took place on August 28, 1973 with the crew aboard the ISV Columbus consisting of Elliott See (commander), William B. Rutledge (pilot) and Vladimir Ilyushin. The 3-minute clip below was supposedly leaked from a collection of 16mm archival footage used in the training of NASA astronauts and Air Force pilots.via(locklip).

While the authenticity of this clip was called into question, the idea that NASA sent manned missions to Mars is heavily vehiculated among conspiracy circles.In the video shown below astronauts aboard a spaceship moving away form the Earth as well as the arrival in Mars orbit. Details on the surface of Mars are visible during the orbital flight.