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A Massive Wolf Walk Up to a Woman to Give Her a Bunch of Kisses

While wolves are beautiful and majestic creatures, they are far from having the demeanor of a domesticated dog. And those as large as the now extinct dire wolves in ‘Game of Thrones’ can easily tear you apart with its overwhelming strength and massive teeth, but not this gentle giant.

image credit: ColoradoWolf&WildlifeCenter

A woman named Daniele went to Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Centre to roam the world. A period came to him a giant wolf. At first she was frightened. But after the girl was surprised by what happened because it was for her to never forget the moment.

This is not the case however for wildlife worker Danielle who loves playing with the 8-year-old timber wolf, Kekoa.A video released by the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center shows the girl and wolf happily interacting in the snow; he even licks her face!


Danielle shows no fear as she plays with Kekoa. ‘I have always had a passion for nature and animals,’ she explains on the site, ‘These wolves have my heart and I am honoured to have been accepted into their pack’.