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A Mid Air Collision & Crash Between 80″ Mitsubishi Zero & a 450 Size Electric Helicopter

This was a mid air collision and crash between a World Models 80″ Mitsubishi Zero with a Fuji-Imvac 50 cc gas EI engine & a 450 size electric helicopter at SCCMAS,and then immediately nosedive to its destruction. The plane clips one of its wings when it hits the chopper and immediately spirals down and slams into the ground.

source/image: wcolby

While drones may be the increasingly popular option for hobbyists in search of flight, RC planes offer a level of detail and control that make the hobby both addictive and expensive. Which can make it that much more devastating when a plane crashes to the ground.

While there were no injuries, the incident exposed the growing tension between pilots and model aircraft enthusiasts and their ever-larger RC aircraft.


The full-scale aircraft suffered “significant” damage.Accidents happen, but the video was great, helicopters are quite unable to fly with rather small amounts of damage and the real damage comes when they hit the ground.