Home WORLD A Mirrored Golden Egg Sauna is Hatched in Sweden “Solar Egg”

A Mirrored Golden Egg Sauna is Hatched in Sweden “Solar Egg”

Architects Bigert & Bergstrom recently unveiled Solar Egg, an egg-shaped wood-burning sauna that can seat up to 8 people. The project is part of an urban redevelopment effort lead by developer Riksbyggen in the northernmost city in Sweden called Kiruna.

Photo by Jean-Baptiste Béranger

Standing 16 feet (5m) tall, the eye-catching egg is comprised of a pine wood interior and highly reflective gold plated steel panels that reflect the environment surrounding the sauna.

Photo by Jean-Baptiste Béranger

In the center rests a heart-shaped sauna stove cast from iron. From Bigert & Bergstrom.In the arctic climate of Lapland the sauna occupies a key position, as a room for warmth and reflection.

Photo by Jean-Baptiste Béranger

B&B have taken up this tradition and developed a sculptural symbol that prompts thoughts of rebirth and an incubator that nurtures conversation and exchanges of ideas.


The project is a continuation of the artist’s strategy to incorporate the climate into the experience of the artwork which was initiated with the Climate Chambers in 1994.

Bigert & Bergströms Solar Egg is heated by a heart-shaped wood burning stove and can hold up to 8 people. The gold-plated exterior consists of 69 pieces of stainless steel that reflects its surroundings.