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A Mobile Truck That Transforms Into a Luxurious Two-Story Hotel – The Truck Surf Hotel

The Truck Surf Hotel is a converted Mercedes Actros with a hydraulic system that allows the walls and the sealing to expand. It transforms into an amazing double-decker “hotel on wheels”, giving the space of a home and the best comfort accommodation during your holidays.

source/image: Truck Surf Hotel

This innovative mobile hotel is fully equipped and prepared to ride with you in an unforgettable road trip.On the first floor we have the living room with couches and a table where you can chill out.

source/image: Truck Surf Hotel

There’s also a projector where we can easily watch any footage taken. The kitchen is prepared for self-catering and to cook your meals.There is a toilet and, on a room next to it, a bathroom where you can have a nice warm shower.



Climbing the indoor stairs, we have the upper floor with a main hall to access the 5 rooms – 4 shared double rooms with bunk bed, and 1 private double room with a couple bed.

At the Truck Surf Hotel you can choose either a bed in a shared double room, witch is more economical, or if you’re traveling with your partner we recommend you the private double room.Each room is equipped with air conditioning and a locker, where you can keep your personal belongings.