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A Motorcycle Powered By a Rolls-Royce Jet Engine – Y2k Jet Jet Turbine Superbike


The MTT Y2K Turbine Motorcycle, also known as the Y2K Turbine Superbike, is a motorcycle powered by a turboshaft engine, made by Marine Turbine Technologies since 2000.

source/image: 100SpokeRiderz

The bikes are not mass produced in continuous series; each unique bike is hand made to order after receiving the buyer’s specifications.Guinness World Records considers it a production motorcycle.

source/image: 100SpokeRiderz

Early models were powered by a Rolls-Royce-Allison Model 250-C18 gas turbine producing a claimed 320 hp at 52,000 rpm.


Unlike some turbojet-powered motorcycles which relied on jet propulsion for thrust, the Y2K Superbike’s turboshaft engine drives the rear wheel via a two-speed gearbox and chain and sprocket. The motorcycles are produced on demand and made to order for buyers.

The turbines used in the motorcycles are second-hand, having reached the original manufacturer’s mandated running time limit, after which they must be rebuilt regardless of condition.The Y2k Turbine Superbike does not require jet fuel to operate, it has been fuelled the Y2K with diesel, kerosene and Bio-Fuel.

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