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A Cabinet That Turns Into a Bed In Less Than a Minute

This cabinet bed is a wonderful solution for a comfortable guest bed in any small space and it doubles as a buffet.The cottage style buffet bed from CabinetBed is a wonderful solution to create a guest bed in any small space.

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Put this beautiful buffet cabinet in your home and open it up in to a guest bed.This buffet bed has storage below, ideal for bedding. You can even put a television on top of the unit.

Made with USA and Canadian wood. Custom options available, wood finishes and multiple colors as well as handle styles.It comes with a very nice gel infused memory foam mattress, latex and other options are available. This has a gigantic 59 inch storage compartment.


These space-saving beds from Canadian CabinetBed Inc is a perfect addition to any home where you may need an extra bed but are limited on space. The innovative and beautifully designed low-profile cabinet easily transforms into a comfortable bed which provides a viable and affordable alternative to a Murphy Bed.

This is a free standing Cabinet Bed that easily converts into a comfortable bed in 30 under seconds. It features stylized grooved panels and can support a 60″ TV screen. While most Murphy Beds need to be screwed to the wall, the cabinet beds are free-standing and take less than 10 minutes to install. The beds also boast large storage drawer of 59 inches.