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A New Way To Clear Pollutants From Water,It Eliminates Even Trace Chemical Waste And Pesticides

A team of MIT researchers has developed a new way to clear pollutants from water, even when present in extremely low concentrations.When it comes to removing very dilute concentrations of pollutants from water, existing separation methods tend to be energy- and chemical-intensive.

image credit: (MIT) 

Now, a new method developed at MIT could provide a selective alternative for removing even extremely low levels of unwanted compounds.The scientists pioneered an electrochemical process able to selectively get rid of organic pollutants, which can be harmful even in minimal amounts.

image credit: (MIT) 

Here’s how it works: small surfaces are coated with Faradaic materials which can become positively or negatively charged after reactions.


An electrical source is added to the surfaces, and then as water flows around the materials, the surface materials are tuned to bind with noxious pollutants.

Unlike other systems that require either high pressures or high voltages to work, the new way can function at what chemical engineering professor T. Alan Hatton described as relatively benign low voltages and pressures.