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A Plane Turned Into A Custom Luxury RV


A US Air Force retiree from Nashville, Michigan has dreamt of converting an airplane into an RV since he was eight years old. And now, Gino Lucci has successfully converted the derelict fuselage of a 1943 ‘Douglas R4D’ aircraft into a fully functioning motorhome he’s named ‘The Fabulous Flamingo’.

source/image(PrtSc): Barcroft Cars

It was originally flown by the Navy in South America, and had been on the ground for over 30 years when Gino’s son found it in poor conditions. Watch the video from Barcroft Cars:

Gino and his sons took three months just to fuse the plane with the chassis of an old delivery truck he owned. Gino told Ridiculous Rides:


“The process we used to merge the two was very hillbilly scientific – it was exciting the challenge of it, every day it was just fun.”It took a whole year to get the vehicle road-worthy and another two years to fine tune the detail – costing Gino $20,000 in total.//Barcroft Cars

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