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A Pull Behind Motorcycle Camper Trailer Camping – The Solace

If you have ever considered the idea of using pull behind campers to go camping when riding a motorcycle, you have got to take a look at the Solace Motorcycle Camping Trailer. This is unlike anything that you have ever seen. It provides you with a compact trailer that is hardly any wider than the motorcycle itself, yet when it opens up, you have enough space for you and a couple of friends.

source/image(PrtSc): TheUSATrailerStore

The Solace Pull behind Motorcycle Camper is both spacious camping trailer and roomy cargo trailer. This video demonstrates how simple it is to convert from a cargo to camping trailer. Plus, we show how well the trailer maneuvers while in tow. Be sure to watch all the way to the end to see the trailer’s many features.

With a passion for travel and a need for economy, we present solace. The compact pull behind motorcycle camping trailer from USA trailer store, with approximately 16 cubic feet of usable storage space while in travel position, the solidly built camper is both a roomy cargo trailer and a spacious camping trailer.


With its standard 8 inch chrome wheels and aerodynamic cooler holder, your new solace delivers both style and comfort. With its ability to expand from nineteen square feet in the closed travel position to 72 square feet in the open camping position, with an impressive six foot seven inch ceiling, Solace can truly boast economy of space.