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A Rare All-White Moose Has Been Caught On Camera In Sweden

Video footage of a rare white moose spotted in Varmland, Sweden, has caught fire on the internet this week.Only about 100 white moose are believed to live in the area, out of a general population estimated at 400,000.The animals are not albino, but grow white fur due to a generic mutation.

image credit: P4 Värmland Sveriges Radio

The footage was captured on August 11 by Hans Nilsson who had been searching for the rare animal for three years.After three years, he finally caught stunning footage of the bull moose crossing a shallow river and walking through tall grass.

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Mr Nilsson said: “You see the white moose go down into the water, take some chimps forward, climb on the other side and then bite some leaves and then turn to me and look straight into the camera.”The moose appears to be entirely white, with soft white velvet coating even its antlers.


White moose have also been spotted in Alaska and Canada. These North American regions are also home to more abundant predators like wolves and bears, and it’s unknown if the animals’ white fur puts them at a disadvantage when trying to camouflage into the forest.