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A Road Legal Custom AMT3 Trike Powered By a Kawasaki Ninja 900r Motor


Adam’s custom AMT3 Trike powered by a Kawasaki Ninja 900r motor has got to be the most insane vehicle I’ve ever driven on the street. It feels like it should be completely illegal, it’s mind-bending fast, and it drives beautifully.

source/image: Roads Untraveled

The motorcycle engine revs to a staggering 12,000 RPM which, in a car, screams like an F1 car, I can assure you that. Adam built this custom tube frame, 3-wheeled vehicle at his machine shop in Vancouver, BC and has made it legal to drive on public roads./Roads Untraveled

The impressive creation started life as essentially just a Ninja 900R powertrain and Adam built a completely custom cage around it. He transformed the aspects of the 900R into more of a car feel.


The air-cooled, carburetted engine puts out 145 hp and is paired with a sequential gearbox. That said, the vehicle weighs just 320 kg.The AMT3 utilizes custom coilover suspension, custom control arms, and various parts from other small sports cars.