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A Rotating House That Spins 360 Degrees & Is Able To Generate Its Own Energy

Located in the countryside of northern Italy, a house that can turn around 360 degrees has been unveiled by Italian architect Roberto Rossi.

source/image(PrtSc): ProTek Case..

This dynamic home is designed according to the specific requirements of the client. It is firmly supported by a large central pillar. The house also features a storage tank used to drain rainfall water for non-potable usages.

Other than providing views of the natural scenery, the rotation is used to provide the best orientation for the solar panels which are placed on the roof of the house.Also, heat pumps and a solar thermal system help with producing the needed energy to run the house.


Located near the city of Rimini, the 150-square-metre house was constructed by Italian contractor ProTek.The challenge was to keep the building lightweight and to allow it withstand traumas caused by its rotation.