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A Simple Design To Mount a Tablet Or An Ipad On a Shelf

If you want to rig up a system where you can view your tablet from your bed while laying on your back you’ll just need to install a bookshelf a metre above your pillow and make a mount to attach to the underside of the shelf.

A simple design to mount a tablet or an Ipad on a shelf. There is also a enclosure for a bluetooth speaker. The idea is to watch TV from our bed. We also added a 12V led strip. We might connect it to a Raspberry or an Arnuino to make a sunrise clock but we are open to ideas.

If you have a device that works with a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard, you can browse the web very comfortably. The mount is also great for just watching movies or listening to music.


If you know someone who is confined to their bed or just really lazy this seems to be an ideal solution for using a tablet in your bed.