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A Snake Handler Shares His Small Home With 60 Of The World’s Most Deadly Reptiles

Snake Whisperer Has One Of The Most Dangerous Jobs In The World. Albert Killian began removing snakes from his neighbour’s yard when he was just ten and has loved the animals ever since.

image/text credit: Barcoft Tv

Amazingly the 60-year-old has been bitten more than 100 times but has built up a tolerance to their venom. He keeps and handles 28 Egyptian Cobras, three Indian Cobras, forest cobras, spotting cobras, rattle snakes and vipers.

He extracts venom from his snakes which is then processed into pharmaceutical products. But the threat of a poisonous bite has never been enough to stop him. His last poisonous bite occurred about four years ago, when a western diamondback rattlesnake struck him with a single fang during a demonstration for a group of students.


Although rescue workers responded, Killian refused to take antivenin. His calf swelled to twice its normal size, but he recovered.Medical personnel who have treated Killian admit he’s different from most of the bite victims they encounter.