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A “Solution” To Clear Frost Off Your Windshield

Now that cold weather has returned , many of us have to take time to remove frost from our car windshields early in the mornings.There are two ways to get rid of this. First, you can warm up the car for a long period of time, turn the defroster on and that will get rid of the frost.

image/text credit: Ken Weathers

However, this a waste of gas. The other way is by using a good old ice scraper. It takes time, but it will eventually do it.Here is a quick and easy way to clear frost off your windshield and most of you already have the ingredients in your home.

This meteorologist from Tennessee’s WATE 6 News has just solved all your problems with a magic solution that you can make from some ingredients you’ll have at home.


He explains that all you need is some water and alcohol to erase your ice problems away. By adding 2/3 parts Isopropyl/Rubbing alcohol and 1/3 parts water mixed together in a spray bottle, you can easily say good by to deicing problems forever.