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A Step By Step Guide On How To Install Artificial Grass – DIY

A step by step guide on how to install artificial grass brought to you by Firstforturf, the number one supplier of artificial grass in the UK. This video shows a typical installation process for artificial grass on an existing clay based soil. Synthetic Grass installation process was carried out by installers of Synthetic Grass Solutions in Scotland.

source/image:  FirstforTurf

Due to the wet nature of soil within this particular garden the team installed drainage channels and soak-aways to help elevate drainage issues. The video demonstrates the basic steps to completing an artificial grass lawn. read more: FirstforTurf

Installing nthetic artificial grass is a highly effective way to save water and money, regardless of the size and dimensions of your yard.


Easy to install and maintain, our artificial grass products can help homeowners maximize their home investment and transform unused areas into functional living spaces. via: FirstforTurf

1) Remove existing grass and sub soil
2) Cover area with anti weed membrane
3) On Sub base lay approximately 50 – 70mm of type 1 stone and compact using whacker plate
4) Lay approximately 25mm of sharp sand/red granite sand & screed surface to ensure level surface
5) Edge the perimeter using tantalised timber battens or block edging
6) Compact sand using wacker plate and screed once more
7) Cut grass and unroll into position
8) To complete join fold back the joining edges and trim
9) Create a “dry” join by positioning the two pieces of artificial grass together
10) Once happy with the positioning of grass, fold back the joining edges and unroll the joining tape
11) Apply Aqua bond Adhesive along the length of the joining tape
12) Carefully work your way down the seam, joining the two pieces together
13) Carefully cut the grass in against the surrounding area
14) Attach grass to frame using galvanised screws
15) Evenly spread and brush kiln dried sand into grass///FirstforTurf