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A Step by Step Guide To Turn Wood From Log Into a Beautiful Bowl!

Today we’re featuring Pat Laperrière of Le PicBois from Quebec who is a woodworker primarily focused on wood turning. In this video, he demonstrates how he makes a simple, yet beautiful wooden bowl out of a log of beech.

source/image: Stereokroma

Pat has been woodturning for three years, and although he makes it look easy, it’s quite a dangerous and skillful endeavor.

We must start by saying that the video is quite long it takes about 15 minutes but we also have to say that it is really worth watching, even skipping a step or two if you do not have a lot of time.


Pat also has a Youtube channel! On it he has made lots of different things by wood turning, pens, wine and beer glasses, bread knives, urns, spoons. He also tends to goof off a lot so you’ll find some hilarious moments when watching his stuff.