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Street-Legal Limo Built From a Private Jet The Limo Jet

The Limo-Jet from build by American company called Jetsetter Inc, is a limousine that’s wearing the body of a Lear Jet. The streamlined body comes from an actual private jet that’s reconfigured to fit into what the people behind the project were trying to build.

source/image(PrtSc): Limo Jet

The vehicle is 100% street legal and powered by a gasoline 8 cylinder engine.The interior has been customized with lights, speakers and screens, and the Limo-Jet has enough seating for a wedding party./Jetsetter Inc

The cockpit of the plane has been swapped for a single-seat setup for the driver which is surrounded by a bank of screens that are meant to help the driver to maneuver the car on public roads.The Limo Jet can cary up to 8-10 passengers, it uses four 28-inch wheels attached to a wingless Learjet fuselage.


The idea itself is simple: you take a plane, take off its wings, mount four wheels and completely change engine and interior. The vehicle is huge, and inside there is enough space to enjoy a journey full of comfort and luxury./Jetsetter Inc