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A Super Light-Weight Foldavan Folding Caravan For Bicycles

The Foldavan is an ingenious teardrop bicycle caravan with three modes. In ‘Stow’ mode it concertinas down to just 21cm so it can be put away easily when not in use.In ‘Road’ mode it extends to 60 cm wide so you can get where you are going with ease.

image/text credit: Wooden Widget

In ‘Camping’ mode it is a full metre wide (option to build a 1.2 metre version). With its small and aerodynamic shape and super light weight it is no problem to tow along.

image/text credit: Wooden Widget

You can even put a 6 ft Fliptail or Origami dinghy inside!At just 30 kilos it is very easy to tow and if it’s windy you can unzip the sides to make it easier to pedal and avoid it being blown over.


Despite its top heavy appearance most of the weight is very low down adding to the stability. You no longer need flat, even or dry ground to sleep on. No more worrying about stones or tree roots in your back. Set up your camp anywhere, even on a slope. Carry lots of stuff in the caravan too.

Very stable but if it’s really windy, simply unzip the sides and the wind blows right through. Surprisingly easy to tow behind any bike, weighing from just 30 kilos. Not everyone wants this level of camping but for those who love comfort and luxury the Foldavan is hard to beat.