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A Truck Camper Conversion That’s Truly One-Of-A-Kind!

We fell in love with a photo of this DIY Bedford truck camper conversion and had to check it out for ourselves! We spent a night in this unique cabin on wheels cozied up around a vintage wood stove and cracking & eating walnuts. It was a really neat way to experience a new part of Portugal!/Exploring Alternatives

source/image: Exploring Alternatives

The Bumble Bedford is a yellow 1979 flatbed truck that was converted into a mobile cabin on wheels with a metal and wood frame, wool insulation, and a canvas cover. During the rainy season, they also have a rain cover to make it waterproof. It has a double bed, overhead storage, a vintage woodstove, vintage hob (a.k.a. cookstove), two drop leaf tables, and two antique armchairs./Exploring Alternatives

We liked that the chairs and tables can be moved around to re-configure the space depending on what you’re doing. If you’re preparing food or having guests over, you can have the tables out, but if you want more space to do yoga you can create more floor space by dropping the table leaves down.


There is no electricity in the space so we used candles and rechargeable USB lights. For water, there’s an outdoor sink stand with a jug of water to wash your dishes. There’s also a bathroom with toilet, sink, and shower attached to the main house but with an exterior door so you don’t have to disturb the hosts each time you need to go./Exploring Alternatives