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Abandoned Hut Turned Into A Dream Woodland Cabin


Nestled into a beautiful backdrop of the Tasmanian forest lies Lucy’s charming cabin. Originally built by her parents in 1994 as their very first family home, the hut fell into disrepair. After years of neglect, and eventually abandonment, Lucy, working together with her father lovingly restored the old shack and it became, once again, an idyllic woodland cabin home.

source.image: Living Big In A Tiny House

This is a home that has an incredible amount of heart. Lucy was born in this hut and all of her earliest memories of home were created in this place. Being given the chance to restore the cabin and make it her own space to create memories in as a young adult is a dream come true.

Her home is the absolute definition of coziness. Idyllically located amongst towering trees and a meandering stream, stepping into this home immediately invokes a feeling of warmth and comfort. An oversized wood stove keeps the home toasty warm. The interior is a collection of art, memories and pre-loved items. It’s filled with art and curiosities which make every part of the home interesting.


In crafting this home together with her father, Lucy has learned valuable skills that will last her a lifetime. Skills that she hopes to use again to build a tiny home for herself in the future. Until then though, this home has become a sanctuary for her. A place to create her art and a place which gives her freedom to pursue her life passions.