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Adam Savage Meets Richard Browning’s Flight Suit!

Adam meets up with Richard Browning, maker of an Iron Man-like jet suit that gives him real flight abilities. We get a demo of the suit in flight, and Adam chats with Richard about how the suit works and how it feels to fly and hover like a superhero.

image/text credit: Tested 

Richard Browning, the British inventor dubbed “Wiltshire’s Iron Man”, successfully demonstrated his personal flight suit on the shores of Vancouver harbour, with mini jet engines on his hands.

The personal flight suit, called Daedalus, is capable of propelling wearers much higher and faster than demonstrated on the day, according to Browning.He said he had experimented with various numbers and arrays of the engines on his limbs, with some more successful than others. The current suit is capable of flying for around 10 minutes.


A flight suit that could carry a wearer from the beach along the coast and into a mid-air helicopter for further journeys are a while away, said Browning, but the firm has already received interest from investors including some from those in the British military.