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Aero-X Hoverbike Goes On Sale In 2017

A futuristic hovercraft that lets you zip smoothly over rough terrain by flying up to three metres above the ground could be yours in just three years, its maker says.

The Aero-X hover bike, described as a “hovercraft that rides like a motorcycle,” can now be reserved for a refundable $5,000 US deposit from manufacturer Aerofex Corp., based in Manhattan Beach, Calif. The company says the current estimated price for the bike is $85,000.

image credit: aerofox

According to the company’s website, the Aero-X can reach a top speed of 72 kilometres per hour. Up to two people can sit on board, and including the passengers, the bike can carry up to 140 kilograms.

image credit: aerofox

Aerofex says the hover bike is designed to bridge the gap between light aircraft and all-terrain vehicles, making it an affordable alternative to planes and helicopters for surveying, search and rescue, border patrol and disaster relief. The company adds that the hover bike is also intuitive and easy to drive.


Aerofex says it’s solved the coupling problem, has filed the relevant patents, and thus — if all goes well — the Aero-X will be the first safe and easy-to-use hoverbike on the market.

You could cruise over deserts, fields, hills — and with the optional “flotation pontoons,” over lakes and rivers. By talking to the FAA, Aerofex found that the bike could be classified as something like an “aerial ATV” if its max altitude stays below 12 feet, thus removing any need for a pilot license.