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Aerotec Coax 2D Ultralight Helicopter

At first glance, the Coax 2d by EDM Aerotec looks like a normal helicopter. On a second glance, you can rest. The rear rotor is missing at the hull, but the aircraft has four large rotor blades.The entire power of the engine is used for boost, because no loss is caused by an additional tail rotor.

image credit: fl95flyer

The cockpit is clear: Transponder, radio, speedometer, altimeter, climbing knife are arranged next to each other. The pilot carries out a brief check-up, a 125 hp piston engine brings the ultralight helicopter on tour.

With a travel speed of 150 kilometers per hour and a range of 400 kilometers, the helicopter is not suitable for long flights.


There are already prospects for Coax 2d. With a price of around 230,000 euros, it should be significantly cheaper than all other models on the market.