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AirBattery Revolutionary Approach To Energy Storage


Augwind’s AirBattery represents a revolutionary approach to energy storage, combining pumped-hydro and compressed air into a modular, scalable system, with minimal environmental footprint and with the perfect fit to address distributed energy storage applications.

source/image(PrtSc): AUGWIND Energy

Augwind is currently developing a storage system that should operate in the energy storage market for the electricity sector. The development of this system is based on Augwind’s existing storage system, combined with a unique technology for converting energy stored in compressed air into high-efficiency electrical energy. Watch the video from AUGWIND Energy for more info:

Augwind’s energy storage system is designed for medium size economies, and will overcome the difficulties of the existing energy storage systems in the market, bearing low costs and high utilization. When completed successfully, the system will serve as an alternative to batteries and other means of energy storage that are currently on the market.


Augwind’s storage system, as completed, will provide optimal storage volume for solar farms and wind farms, at much lower prices then the market offers today, with no significant wear and tear and using minimal land area and no harmful environmental impacts./AUGWIND Energy