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AirCar Dual-Mode Car-Aircraft Flying Car


The latest generation of flying car developed by KleinVision company transforms from road vehicle into air vehicle in less than 3-minutes. Useful for leisure and self-driving journeys, and also as a commercial taxi service.

source/image(PrtSc): KleinVision

AirCar is composed of several functional units. Its aerodynamic fuselage provides enough space for the passengers and, at the same time, contributes to better lift characteristics during the flight. Among advanced technologies are the retractable wings, folding tail surfaces, parachute deployment system, etc.

The folding tail surfaces contribute to a better longitudinal stability and take-off characteristics, just like in a conventional aircraft. However, in the car mode, retracted tail results in a more compact size.


AirCar has been conceived as a shape, evocating dynamic and attractive form predominantly built from an advanced composite material.The AirCar Prototype 1 is powered by a 160 horsepower BMW engine, and comes equipped with a fixed propeller.

In the car mode, the object generates downforce using spoiler and elevator pitch whereas in the aircraft mode the entire surface generates lift. Lift body concept includes future development for the spacious interior and for the variety of models: three and four seaters, twin-engine, and amphibious version.

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