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Airspeeder 200kph Flying Electric Race Car


Developed by Alauda Racing an Australian start-up company, Airspeeder is a completely electric racing series. It’s been designed as a 21st century sport should be. We race for sustainability.

source/image(PrtSc): Airspeeder

The sport promises to be the greatest modern sporting spectacle on the planet, with elite pilots propelled to speeds of 200kph in the largest, most powerful octocopters on the planet. The business model operates a little like Formula E: Nothing drives innovation faster than competition. Airspeeder will turbocharge eVTOL technology and safety innovation, enabling the next aviation revolution. We race for the industry.

The Airspeeder looks like a cross between a giant drone and a go-kart with space for a pilot on board, it has a 500kW battery pack that lasts for just 15 minutes before needing recharging or replacing.


The Airspeeder weighs 250kg and can carry a pilot weighing up to 100kg. The vehicles can reach top speed of 124mph (200km/h) and can fly an average 4 meters off the ground when racing. It comes with the four sets of twin 32-inch 50-megawatt electric motors and the aluminum frame are all designed by Alauda.