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Alberta Man Jumps Into Icy Pond To Rescue His Dog

A Canadian TV news crew captured dramatic video of a man plunging into a freezing pond to rescue his dog after it fell through thin ice.St. Albert Fire has received an increase in ice rescues, and CTV’s Angela Jung witnessed a man diving into a pond to save his dog Saturday.

image/text credit: CTV News

Duncan McIver was at a park in St. Albert, Alberta on Saturday when his pup, Cosmo, broke through the ice.McIver didn’t hesitate to jump in the frigid water to save Cosmo.In an amazing coincidence, a CTV Edmonton reporter was at the park for a story on ice safety as the rescue unfolded.

As the camera rolled, MacIver jumped into the icy pond to save his dog, Cosmo, who had plunged through thin ice.In the video, you can see the ice breaking under MacIver’s weight as his dog struggles to keep its head above the frigid water.


MacIver soon gets to the animal and they find relief on a strip of concrete as CTV Edmonton reporter Angela Jung calls 911 for help. Attempting to get ashore, MacIver and Cosmo plunge through the thin ice again before reaching dry land.