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Alkaline Battery Bounce Test in Slow Motion


What’s Inside an Alkaline Battery and Why do they bounce when depleted?, a quick test to see if a battery is new or used and only takes a second to do, you just bounce it.

image: Warped Perception

I show you inside an alkaline battery to show why they bounce when depleted, you could call it a sort of life hack but it really works and is super fast if you have no other way to quickly test a battery.

I put the test, to the test in Slow Motion and turns out it really works, I will be using this in my own daily life to save a lot of time and frustration, once you see it I’m sure you will too.


This is a quick test people used to determine if an alkaline battery is new or discharged, it works like this, you simply bounced the battery on a hard surface and if it bounces then you know it’s discharged, if it doesn’t bounce very much then it’s fully charged. This test only works for alkaline batteries because the electrolyte inside is like a gel when the battery is new.As the battery becomes used up the electrolyte gel turns more dense it absorbs less of the impact.Disclaimer: Don’t try this at home, this is done by a professional in a controlled environment.