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All-New Cmax System Foldable Housing Innovation


Introducing the next #CmaxShelter, our all-new disruptive Foldable Housing and first-ever Foldable Shelter for complex emergencies. Materials and design with the art of making the parts and structures light as possible. Cmax explores the next-level flat-pack designs.

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Gear up for adventure with the new units for Mobile Clinics, Shelter, Temporary housing, Glamping and Recreation. Confort, space with an interior ceilings that is about 7 feet high. Cmax units are tall enough for everyone to stand up straight. Having cross ventilation and high ceilings in our foldable technology offers several advantages.

Firstly, it provides natural air circulation, which helps maintain a comfortable indoor environment and reduces the need for air conditioning. Secondly, high ceilings create a spacious feel, making it easier to move around and carry out activities inside the container. Thirdly, the extra height can be used for storage or as additional living space.


Additionally, the natural light that comes in through the ventilation openings can also help reduce the need for artificial lighting, which can save energy and reduce costs. Overall, cross ventilation and high ceilings make foldable CX20 units more functional, comfortable, and energy-efficient

Cmax units are an ultra-portable units built to be carried by any truck and stored easily in a garage – it expands from a 3-ft storage space to a 14ft living space that is able to comfortably sleep 8 people. Cmax System is designed with many unique characteristics: foldable, mobile, affordable, reusable and more. It is the lightweight, All-in-One solution fully equipped with survival necessities, and assembles tool-free in just 11 minutes. The rigid and raised floor design prevents collapse, and makes Cmax an innovative replacement to the primitive tent.