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All Terrain Skick Electric Utility Scooter


Skick is an unique all year round personal light ev. Skick can be equipped with various accessories making it perfect companion for skiing, golfing or even food delivery work. Personal Light Electric Vehicle for All Year Round Usage on Every Road Surface: asphalt, grass, gravel or even snow!

source.image: Arctic Rides

Skick has an optimized 48V powertrain for various conditions and has been designed to be used in cold environments too. When battery is starting to run out and you are still on the road, you can support your motor by ‘skicking’ the scooter. This comes especially handy when going uphill or if you just want to boost the speed with your muscle power.

Even unpowered Skick with completely empty battery is still surprisingly light to skick forward like traditional scoot without motor assistance.


Stylish battery cover includes a stretch fabric pocket with a bottle holder. Inside lays lockable and easily exchangeable 20Ah suitcase style Li-ion battery which can be easily detached for indoor recharges. Battery charger included. Handle bar can be adjusted to different angles for different sized drivers.

Thumb throttle and battery level indicator are located on the right side of the handle bar and hand brake handle with parking brake lock, light switch, top speed selector and ring bell are handily located in the left hand side of the handle bar. Powerful front LED lights with multiple installment possibilities and bright red back light in the battery cover ensures driving safety when sun is set.