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Alpha 2.0 – A Hydrogen Fuel Cell E-Bike That Takes 2 Minutes To Fill & Has A Range Of 60 Miles

The first commercially available electrically assisted bike with a fuel cell (FC-Pedelec). The fuel cell and hydrogen storage integrated inside Alpha2.0 delivers an unrivalled range of 100km on a single charge.

source/image: pragma-industries

Whereas battery-powered Pedelecs are adversely affected by low temperatures, Alpha2.0 provides constant range and performances in every weather conditions. Equiped with a best-in-class H2 gauge, it accurately indicates the remaining energy to the user..

source/image: pragma-industries

Compared to conventional electric bikes, αlpha is refilled with hydrogen in only 2 minutes using the filling station, while standard e-bikes take more 3 to 4 hours to be fully charged.


The αlpha has a Brose 36V electric motor rated to 250W, which is fed by a “bridging” lithium-ion battery pack with 150 Wh of capacity, which in turn is charged by the onboard 150 W PEM fuel cell.

The fuel cell runs off of a 2-liter compressed hydrogen gas cylinder, which can be refilled in about 2 minutes at a filling station.