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Alpha ACE Electric Retro-Styled Car


Alpha Motor Corporation, a new player from California, has revealed this month a new electric car concept: Alpha ACE EV.ACE™ is an ideally sized personal electric vehicle that inspires Alpha’s mission for carbon neutrality.

source/image(PrtSc): REC Anything

The Alpha ACE retro-styled coupe will be built on a modular vehicle platform, envisioned also for the ICON (Electric Utility Vehicle). It’s a two-seater, with a very simple dashboard layout.

There is no info about the price of the ACE if it does make it into production, but the company has released a few target numbers like range of 250+ miles (400+ km) and 0-60 mph (96.5 km/h) in 6 seconds.


PERFORMANCE”RANGE – 250+ miles | DRIVE – Rear Wheel Drive | ACCELERATION – 6s 0-60mph | WEIGHT – 3600 lbs | Rapid Charger | Battery Cooler and Heater.EXTERIOR:LENGTH – 4180mm (165in) | WIDTH – 1886mm (74in) | HEIGHT – 1450mm (57in) | WHEELS – 16” up to 18” | LED Signature Headlights | Daytime Running Lights.INTERIOR:SEATING – 2 Adults + Rear Storage | CARGO – 14 cu ft | Wide Format Center Display | Premium Seat and Trim Material | Bluetooth Connectivity | Premium Sound System./alphamotorinc

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