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Amazing Builder’s Bicycle-Powered Tiny House

This tiny house is filled with super clever design elements, including some amazing ways of powering the house! From a bicycle generator to an old-fashioned water wheel, builder Phil has not been afraid to try out some unique ideas.

image/text credit: Living Big In A Tiny House

Located amongst the beautiful botanical gardens of Tofino in British Columbia, the tour of this artistic and whimsical home is one you won’t want to miss!The tiny house has been constructed in a whimsical fairytale style and is entirely clad with cedar shingles. The homes design allows it to flawlessly fit in amongst the beautiful surrounding forest.

image/text credit: Living Big In A Tiny House

Phil wasn’t afraid to experiment with alternative ways of powering the house. In this instance, he has not only traditional solar panels, but also has a water wheel and a human powered bicycle generator all helping him to keep his batteries charged and the lights on.

image/text credit: Living Big In A Tiny House

Inside the home you get a full appreciation for both Phil’s artistic eye and his skill as a word-worker. In true Pacific Northwest style, driftwood has been used all over the home bringing warmth and character to all corners.


The concept of living with a small footprint was always part of my life and the idea of living in a Tiny House fitted my lifestyle perfectly.

I believe that living small and using fewer resources is a path towards a more sustainable future.It combines simple living with comfort. They are humble and elegant and are both functional and efficient while being affordable.