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Amazing Micro Camper Motorhome That Allows Sleeping Room For Up To 4 People

RV enthusiasts seem to be divided by size preference. There are those who like to have the biggest motorhome they can possibly drive, carrying all the comforts of home with them. Then, there are others who subscribe to a more minimalist philosophy: keep it small, keep it efficient — not to mention affordable and eco-friendly.

source/image: CampingCarJoa

You won’t believe how much space this tiny Japanese class C camper has. Built on a Mazda Scrum truck chassis, it comes in 2WD or 4WD, automatic or manual transmissions. A very smart motorhome design allows sleeping room for up to 4 people. This camping car included a 100W solar panel and solar charge controler.

source/image: CampingCarJoa

These are based on the chassis or body are both very small and quite cheap. And just like their Kei-Car counterparts, they conform to a strict set of government rules regarding their size and power output. This isn’t necessarily conducive to camping comfort, but with pop-up roofs and clever interior packaging, you can get a quart into a pint pot, as they say.


The inside of this one had a loft bed up in the front, and then a small, but complete living room: two green velour chairs, a table, wood-like paneling, big picture windows, and awesome shag carpeting.

The tiny trailer in the back is designed to pair perfectly with the truck. In fact, the front of the camper overhangs the notch in the back of the truck, in a boxy yin and yang configuration. From an aesthetic perspective, the whole thing is nicely balanced; this is not always the case when it comes to mini vehicles.