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Amphibious E-Trailer With Large Solar Panel


BeTRITON decided to design and build the Green E-Trailer. A bright green electric trailer you can tow behind any cycle and take over water on any adventure. BeTRITON is a pioneer in amphibious recreational vehicles, and the Green E-Trailer isn’t the first version of this wild concept. Previously available as the Mini, Trailer, and Full, the latest development builds on the previous designs and introduces new features, making the latest Green E-Trailer model packed with enhancements that will take your outdoor exploration to another level. This unit was developed as the last one in a series of 3 prototypes in partnership with Norway Grants, Latvian Investment and Development Agency and Noveltex Oslo.

source.image: BeTRITON

The latest design from BeTRITON has a 200W solar panel on the roof, which charges and powers the 250W motor, giving you, potentially, unlimited range. The solar panel can be found atop the updated hardtop roof, which makes the trailer much more versatile than it was in the previous iterations.

This allows you to use the E-trailer no matter the weather, remaining sturdy over various terrains and allowing you to camp inside. Yep, this whacky creation of adventure really can do the lot. Did we mention it’s amphibious? No actual speed or motor power has been given on this model, but previous models have had maximum speeds of up to 8km/h from a motor with a max power of 2,150W.


Very little detail has been given about the intricacies of the latest model, it does share the same 2,150W motor. It seems that BeTRITON’s goal this time was to make it more of an all-in-one trailer that integrates seamlessly with your bike. It may seem odd to tow something the size of a small car, but with a handy motor providing you with 250W of power to keep the trailer and your bike moving. When you tire of riding or boating, you and one other can camp in the trailer. The prices of the new e-trailer is expected to start from EUR 11,900.