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Giant Wooden Lion Carved From a Single Tree

Taking 20 people more than 3 years, a single tree trunk has been carved into a giant lion titled Oriental Lion. Sculptor Dengding Rui Yao has carved this incredible wooden lion from a single tree trunk.

image: Cong Thanh

The artist led a team of 20 assistants on a three-year journey to complete the sculpture, which was made in Myanmar and was transported to its permanent home at the Fortune Plaza Times Square in Wuhan, China.

image: Cong Thanh

You can imagine how difficult it would have to been to transport such a massive piece safely over such a long journey.


According to Woodworking ideas, the lion was carved from a rosewood tree and measures 14.5m long, 5m high and 4m wide.This masterpiece in Hubei Province, China is now also the Guinness World Record holder for the largest redwood sculpture.

image: Cong Thanh

The use of the lion in public sculpture is a clear choice given the animal’s significance in Chinese culture. As a symbol of power, they are often used at the gates of palaces, temples, and tombs to ward off evil spirits. Since its installation in Wuhan, the giant lion has become a favorite new monument in the city.