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An Indian Man With A ‘Beard Of Steel’ Is Attempting Record Breaking Lifts

An Indian man with a ‘beard of steel’ is attempting record breaking lifts, including a person, with just his facial hairs. Ranjeet Singh, 35, from Ludhiana, in Punjab, northern India, has become famous in his city as the ‘beard man’.

image/text credit: CoverAsiaPress

His unique talents have seen him able to lift heavy objects with his beard, even a human being.He said: ‘I do this to build a good name for my family, a name that will stay in the books forever.

image/text credit: CoverAsiaPress

I am preparing for a Guinness Book of World Record and I will settle for nothing less.I want people to acknowledge my talent, nobody else in India can do this.Ranjeet first started lifting objects with his beard in 2010 after being inspired by stunts he’d seen on television and in local fairs.


He said: ‘I was really fascinated by the way people performed stunts at fairs and on television. I started researching stunts and I saw people doing all sorts across the world.

I felt if they could do it then I could do it. I decided the same day that I will prepare myself for a Guinness Book of World Records and get my country a record in beard lifting.’