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An Innovative Solution Of Waste Disposal Underground Systems

City and community authorities are trapped in a dilemma. The population is producing ever more waste. However, people are expecting a higher standard of a clean and esthetic layout of their environment.

source/image: VilligerAG

Usually most of the waste accumulates in the center of a community, often even in the midst of historical buildings or modern shaped housing schemes.

A clean city is easier to present to tourists. Villiger underground systems and our further developments contribute to a rational and esthetic layout of our living space.The Villiger Lift-o-Mat constructions are the perfect solution for narrow spaces.


The ideal solution for the most confinedspaces. Existing 4-wheel containers areplaced elegantly in the underground usinga hydraulically-driven lift.

Your advantages:

  • Clean community appearance
  • Collection volume: max. 5 pieces which hold 1’100 liters a piece
  • Maintenance and costumer friendly
  • Low smell emission
  • Suitable to collect residual and bio waste, paper/carton, plastic bottles and textiles