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An Ornate Cathedral Made Of Bread In Sicily


An ornate cathedral made of bread rises in the tiny Sicilian town of San Biagio every year at Easter. You’ll also spot cereal and pasta embedded in the ornate structure full of arches made by the town’s residents, who are carrying on a tradition that goes back to ancient times.

source/image(PrtSc): Great Big Story

While you might be tempted to sink your teeth into it, you should know the cathedral is not, in fact, edible. It’s a feast for the eyes only.This monumental display is both centuries old and one of Italy’s most fantastical traditions: the Arches of Bread.

And on the night before Easter Sunday, they replace the rosemary twigs with round-shaped bread loaves, chandeliers decorated with dates, mosaics of made of rice and legumes, and marmurata, a sweet, unleavened bread glazed with white icing.


Every Easter since, residents have teamed up to build towering structures made entirely of locally sourced, organic ingredients. Men, women, and children build the arches with inlaid sugarcanes, willow, wild fennel, and asparagus under the supervision of local artisans.//atlasobscura