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Angry Goat Breaks Into Argonics’ Colorado Office!

Security camera footage from the office of Argonics Inc. in Louisville, Colorado shows a medium-sized black and white goat smashing into the front doors of the building, shattering the glass.In the you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it video, the goat approaches the front facade and begins ramming into right side of the entrance.

Employees at Argonics in Colorado arrived to work Monday morning to discover that their office had been broken into over the weekend. When they checked the security footage, they found it was an unruly goat.

This interesting incident was caught on cam and you can see clearly the goat simply breaking the glass of the Argonics Colorado office.Goat here fought with its own reflection on glass and finally, it wins the fight. But he doesn’t seem to stop and takes the other door.


The doors were smashed but nothing taken!!.Louisville Police Department confirmed the goats are still on the run and say they are on the lookout for a “very hairy” horned and possibly hooved suspect.