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Anti Intruder Door Barricade Device


Alarm companies provide an excellent service by calling to let you know when someone is in your home. BATTENSHIELD Door Barricades prevent them from getting into your home in the first place! BATTENSHIELD Door Barricades buys you time so you can call 911 or answer the call from your alarm company and verify the police need to respond immediately!


HAVENSHIELD Door Barricades can be used protect your family in many situations. They are good for schools, homes, and apartments. You can even install them in a dorm room for added security!BATTENSHIELD Door Barricades can be used when you go to bed to provide peace of mind. They can be locked quickly if you need to secure yourself in a room or closet.

They can also be used to quickly secure a classroom or office in the event of an active shooter.These barricades can fit on any conventional door in your home.


Use them on exterior doors, or turn your bedroom, bathroom or closet into an instant safe room. The most important thing is to place the barricade in a location where you can activate it before an intruder gets to you.

This time lapse video shows the testing of our door barricade on a hollow core door, like one that is used on a closet. Even though the door is hollow and weak, it is able to withstand repeated strikes because of the design of our barricade.via/read more: battenshield

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